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Eastern Star Software, Guwahati: 
An Overview of the Firm

Note: Shabda-Brahma (SB) v5.9.5, Abhibhavak (AO) v3.2.1, Assam-Calcu v3.1, Granthaalok v1.2, Power-Surface v1.5, VY-Splitter v1.0, Assam-Adder v2.2 and DblClkPCGAMESS v2.1 published by us are being hosted by the globally popular software-store since early 2006!


Eastern Star Software (ESS) is a computer-software firm based in Guwahati, India and established on April 02, 2004, with its registered office at Gandhi Mandap Road, South Sarania, Guwahati-781007, Assam (India). It has been established with the aim of working towards piracy-free distribution and sale of locally made various computer software in North-East India, besides working as a nucleus for further innovative software development . In addition, it aims to also perform trouble-free, on-call, legal on-site installation of renowned computer freeware and shareware (including free anti-virus packages that could be updated frequently) to the interested computer users in this part of the country. Very few of the computer users in North-East India frequently updates their anti-virus package, working with even years-old versions and updates, and exposing their computers to real threats of virus attacks. ESS intends to work towards filling this lacuna, while in this process generating some employment for the computer-literate youths of the region.

Products to be Distributed: 
Amidst the locally made priced software
, it is at first going to take up the distribution as well as retail sale of Shabda-Brahma ET-Feel Word-Storm Processor (SB) and Abhibhavak Organizer: As if Guardian in life (AO), two promising, novel (Windows-based) software (detailed below) made by Rituraj Kalita of Guwahati. The two software are being priced for Indian residents at the MRP (maximum retail price) of Indian Rupees 750 & 500 respectively (USD 20 & 14 in general), and each of them is fortified with a novel anti-piracy lock system that obstructs their unauthorized distribution. In addition to these priced software, freeware such as IrfanView 3.7 (picture-manipulating software by Irfan Skiljan), VY-Splitter (a tiny & simple yet powerful file-splitter by M V Vyjesh), Assam-Calcu: A Programmable All-Purpose Calculator, Power-Surface: Power-Series Least-Square Fitting with Saw-File, Granthaalok (library manager), Assam-Adder (earlier Add40Num, a recalling 40-number adder), DblClkPCGAMESS: The Tiny Kit for Running PC-GAMESS, Symbolizer (conjunct-consonant maker for Indian languages) etc. will be distributed by ESS. The firm has started its software-distribution activities from November, 2004. You may download the free varieties of SB5, AO3 etc. from the internet, as mentioned in the download-links above. To order for the authenticator floppy-diskette (in case you are satisfied and conversant with the free varieties available over the internet) for SB5 or for AO3, to be sent via post, send a request (to the registered-office address as mentioned at the bottom of this page) either via PayPal or with a bank draft (i.e., banker's cheque, for US $ 20 or Indian Rs. 750 towards per copy of authenticated SB5, or US $14 or Indian Rs. 500 towards per copy of AO3) payable in Guwahati, India in favor of M/S Eastern Star Software, Guwahati (for postal payments, be prepared to wait for some 45-50 days to receive the diskette). The Indian rupee prices are valid only for the customer postal addresses in India, Nepal, Bhutan or Bangladesh. If you are in Guwahati or in an adjoining area, may e-mail or contact ESS in person to let an Installation Expert from ESS install SB5/ AO3 at your home/office premises.

Shabda-Brahma ET-Feel Word-Storm Processor (SB) v5.9.5 is a super-fast text-processor that constantly tries, based on its knowledge of already typed text material herein, to suggest the words and word-sets the user is going to type, and to get that auto-suggestion auto-typed if the user so wants. It also lets the user himself define and use definite shorthand abbreviations in a 3-keystroke process. Shabda-Brahma is being successfully used to compose the skeletal text in English, Hindi, Bengali & Assamese (with on-screen keyboard facility for non-English scripts), and such text is then instantly exported to Word, FrontPage or WordPad so as to apply the final formatting and layout to the final document. Versions 5.9+ are available in two varieties: SB-Classic and the file-less save-free form SB-ASTS. Without undergoing an authentication process involving a key floppy diskette (SB-KFD), the v5.9.5 package installed from the internet works as a Free 33-Line Variety allowing one to type up to 33 lines per file or per slate (equivalent to half a page of single-spaced 11-point typed text in Word), and to open an unlimited number of slates (in SB-ASTS) per session for ever (i.e., there is no evaluation-period limitation in SB!). Click here for any further details.

Abhibhavak Organizer: As if Guardian in Life (AO) v3.2.1 is a novel-concept 20-user organizer that takes the responsibility of reminding you to perform your life's imminent mundane tasks such as attending ceremonies, filing income-tax statements, collecting & paying telephone bills etc. on a daily or half-day basis etc., as if like a guardian in your life. It not only reminds, but also keeps track of whether you have performed those tasks or not; and is equally helpful in reminding about even the next turns of the repetitive (weekly, monthly, yearly etc.) tasks. It also lets the user maintain a auto-sorted address-book, and allows writing an extensive diary in the computer. Without undergoing an authentication process involving a key floppy diskette (AO-KFD), the v3.2.1 package installed from the internet works as a Free 7-Reminder Variety allowing to have only 7 living reminders (denoted as 7LR in AO) per user (for each of the 20 users), but however without any similar limitations in address-book length or in number of diary-pages written per user. In Free AO, only this restriction remains for ever, i.e., there is no evaluation-period limitation in Free AO!. Click here for any further details.

Future Philanthropic Dreams:
ESS, if it ever succeeds in its business endeavor, plans to work for the rural and infrastructure development of the underdeveloped state of Assam in particular, and of North-East India in general. In particular, goals have been identified for setting up cold storage plants for storing perishable agricultural produce such as vegetables, setting up of market infrastructure for such produce, setting up some additional water supply plants for the water-starved urban areas, setting up of food processing units, working towards universal literacy and universal primary education in this underdeveloped region etc. However, at present, they are just empty dreams.  

Address of ESS Registered Office:
Eastern Star Software, House No.100
("Surjyamukhi"), Gandhi Mandap Road, South Sarania, Guwahati-781007, Assam, India.


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